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  1. Statewide Policies Effective 10-3-2022

    Waiting List – Once a child is placed on the waiting list for a Child Care Scholarship, the parent must indicate the continued need every three months.
    Children With Disability –eligible children under 19 may be eligible for services with required documentation
    Income Limit –established a statewide income limit of 85% of the State Median Income (SMI), which is the federal income limit.
    Initial Placement – Job Search –allows for the parent to search for employment coming into the program for three months.
    Child Care while attending an education program –statewide policy for parents enrolled in a educational program, who is attending the educational program full time and receiving child care assistance while the parent is in the education program, for a cumulative total of 60 months. The limit applies only to parents enrolled full-time in a postsecondary undergraduate education program.

  2. Child Care Provider Changes Effective 10-3-2022

    Entry Level Criteria – Child care programs are required to meet specific criteria for participation in the Child Care Program.
    Mandatory Texas Rising Star – Existing and new programs will have a specific time limit to obtain a star rating.

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