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Welcome Child Care Providers!

This Provider Portal will allow you to request changes or updates to certain information specific to your program, such as hours of operation, holidays, rates that you charge to the public, and more.

By registering, you will receive benefits such as being able to submit requests to be processed by a CCA staff person, sign up for text alerts, and more. Please note that not all functions will be available to all registrants, depending upon your status as a CCA Provider.

To get started using the Provider Portal, click on the button at right that most closely describes you:

  • I want to apply to become a Child Care Provider through CCA — Apply to Become a Provider
  • I am a CCA Child Care Provider, but have not registered an account — Create Login and Password
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Payments for child care providers are processed every two weeks. For a current schedule of payment dates and time periods processed, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Provider Education & Training

Children are the most valuable asset; therefore it is essential that you become good consumers of services that support you and the families you serve.

Education & Training

Regulated Provider Handbook

Relative Provider Handbook


Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the CCA Provider Portal.

  1. Is this a secure website?

    Yes, we have ensured that this site meets all of the Texas Workforce Commission security requirements.

  2. What if I don't have a computer?

    You can access this site from any computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. The site will adapt to the device you are using and still display all information.

  3. What if I don't have an email account?

    You can set up an email account for free. There are many options such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

  4. Can more than one person from our facility have an account, or do we have to share the login and password?

    Multiple people from the same facility can set up their own login and password. This is actually recommended for security and accountability purposes.

  5. Do I have to send CCA my rates, holidays, and other information that is requested on the site now?

    No. Those options are there to allow you to submit changes as they occur (rates, holidays, contact person, phone numbers, etc). You do not have to send us any of that information now unless you want or need to update your facility’s information.

  6. I have created my account information with login as password. What do I do now?

    Click on the “portal login” option at the top of your screen to log in and view your facility’s information and begin using the portal.

  7. How will I know you got the information I submitted?

    Providers and parents will get a confirmation when you submit a request or report. Keep that information.

  8. Are parents required to use this site?

    Parents are not required to use this site, but we do encourage them to use it. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for parents and providers to request and get information. Please let parents know this site is there for them as well.

  9. Does CCA have anything to help us advertise this web portal to parents?

    Yes. We have one page flyer available, and we also have 5x7 color postcards that we can send to you to hand out to your parents. If you would like some, please contact us. There is no cost to you for these.

  10. What are the criteria to do business with CCG and accept children?
    Child Care Providers must:
    • be licensed or registered with Child Care Regulation
    • not be on Corrective or Adverse Action with Child Care Regulation
    • be licensed or registered with Child Care Regulation
    • meet the requirements for Entry Level Designation
    • be willing to pursue and achieve a Texas Rising Star certification of at least 2 Star within 24 months of joining the program
  11. How do I sign up?

    Click on the purple button on the upper right side of the screen - "Apply to Become a Provider" or contact us at 214-630-5949

  12. What is the process to become Texas Rising Star certified?

    Visit the Texas Rising Star website to learn about requirements, criteria, available support, and how to get started.

  13. What will be my rate?

    You will provide CCG staff with your public rates for care and any other fees that parents are required to pay throughout the year such as registration, supply, and activity fees. CCG staff will prorate all costs to a daily rate. Your program is either paid that daily caclulated rate for each day of care, or the maximum rates established for your facility type, whichever is lower.

  14. Once I become TRS, will my rates increase?

    Once you are certified, your program will be eligible for higher reimbursement. The daily rates we have on file are compared to the maximum rates for your facility type and Texas Rising Star rating, and you are paid the lower of the two.

    To see the impact of the Texas Rising Star certification on your reimbursement rates, use the Texas Child Care Provider Cost of Quality Calculator

  15. How often do I need to update my rates?

    You should send us your rate information any time you change your rates. If your program is paid at the maximum rates because your rates are higher than the maximum rates, still send us an update. We need to have the most current information on file.

  16. What if I want to be Texas Rising Star certified, but I do not want a mentor?

    You can opt to do a self-directed process to prepare for your Texas Rising Star assessment. Once you have completed the interest form, our staff will reach out to you to get you started in the process. You can let them know at that time that you do not want assistance from a mentor.

  17. I didn’t get an opportunity to apply for a quality award, why?

    Each quality award has eligibility criteria, such as location within Dallas County or Texas Rising Star status. CCG will send notices out to all programs that are eligible for each award.

  18. Can I charge the parent the difference between my published rate and the state rate?

    No. Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas does not allow child care providers to charge parents the difference between their published rate and the state/maximum rate.

  19. Do I receive pay if I provide to and from-home transportation?

    CCG can reimburse child care programs for transportation, up to the maximum rate for the facility type, TRS status, and age of child.

Texas Rising Star

Texas Rising Star is a quality certification. Programs must meet a high standard of quality indicators and are eligible for enhanced reimbursement rates. Child Care Assistance publishes a list of all providers with a quality rating such as Texas Rising Star to help parents in their search for quality child care.

For more information, visit


Assisting Parents

As a child care provider you not only shape the lives of children, you guide parents in raising their children, assist them with getting CCA services, and help them access other resources they may need to support their family.

Texas 2-1-1 — no matter where folks live in Texas, they can dial 2-1-1 and find information about community resources. Whether help is needed finding food or housing, child care, crisis counseling, substance abuse treatment, or paying electric bills, it's the same number. Visit for more information.

Child Care Aware is a great resource regarding early learning and development of children.

Texas Workforce Commission can assist with identifying a career occupation plus resources on finding job search assistance.

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