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This Parent Portal will allow you to request changes or updates to certain information specific to you, such as your child care provider, children in care, co-pay fees, and more.

By registering, you will receive benefits such as being able to submit requests to be processed by a CCA staff person, sign up for text alerts, and more. Please note that not all functions will be available to all registrants, depending upon your status as a CCA parent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the CCA program. (click to view)

  1. Is this a secure website?

    Yes, we have ensured that this site meets all of the Texas Workforce Commission security requirements.

  2. Once in the program, how often do you recertify services?

    Eligibility is determined every 12 months.

  3. If my information changes before then, do I need to report it?

    Yes, you MUST report any changes that relate to your household size, income and work hours within 10 days. You will jeopardize your assistance if you fail to meet this requirement.

  4. Is the child care free?

    Your share of cost is based on your family size, income, and the number of children receiving child care assistance. If you are in training, and have no income then CCA will pay the full cost of care.

  5. How does my provider get paid?

    The child care program that you choose agrees to a specific rate based on the age of the child enrolled. You will be assigned a share of cost based on your income, family size and how many children are enrolled in the program. Child Care Assistance will pay the remaining cost directly to the child care provider.

  6. Who do I pay my co-pay to?

    You pay your provider the assigned co-pay and CCA pays the provider the rest.

  7. I can’t afford my parent fee, do you offer any help?

    If you have extenuating circumstances that we can validate, we may be able to offer a temporary reduction. Your assistance will be denied for not paying your cost to the provider, so please ask us if you need help before you get behind.

  8. What are the basic eligibility requirements?
    • The child is either younger than 13 years of age or who has a documented disability and is younger than 19 years of age, and they can not care for themselves, and you need help to remain employed.
    • The child receiving a scholarship must be a US citizen or legal immigrant – Click here to see acceptable documentation
    • The child resides with one of the following:
      • A family within Dallas County whose income does not exceed 85 percent of the state median income for a family of the same size and whose assets do not exceed $1 million as certified by a family member and with parents who require child care in order to work, including job search, or attend job training or an educational program.
      • An individual standing in loco parentis for the child while the child's parent or parents are on military deployment and the deployed military parent's income does not exceed 85 percent of the state median income for a family of the same size
      • A family that meets the definition of experiencing homelessness.
        If your family lives in any of the following situations, you may meet the definition of homelessness:
        • In a shelter, motel, vehicle, or campground
        • On the street
        • In an abandoned building, trailer, or other inadequate accommodations, or
        • Doubled up with friends or relatives because you cannot find or afford housing
    • The child’s family income does not exceed 85 percent of the state median income (SMI). Income for teen parents is based solely on the teen’s income Click Here for the Income Guidelines
    • Child care is required for the child’s parent to work or attend a job training or educational program for a combination of at least an average of 25 hours per week for a single-parent family or 50 hours per week for a two-parent family
  9. What are the different types of Scholarships you offer?
    We offer a few different Child Care Scholarships based on different eligibility requirements:
    • Initial Job Search Scholarship - This allows you to enter the program without working so you can secure employment. The key factor here is you must have verifiable employment within 90 days or services will end. If you are working, we will provide the remaining months to your 12-month eligibility.
    • Employment/Education/Workforce Training Scholarship - This is for parents who are working, in college or a job training program that leads to one of the following: basic literacy, English proficiency, an occupational or professional certification or license, and the acquisition of technical skills, knowledge and abilities specific to an occupation.
    • Teenage Parent Scholarship - This allows teen parents 18 years or younger, or 19 years of age and attending high school or the equivalent to receive their diploma or certificate. Eligibility is based on the teen and not the parent of the teen.
  10. What are the income guidelines based on family size?

    The income threshold is based on the gross monthly income (GMI) and the family size. The Texas Workforce Commission sets the limit for Texas at 85% SMI. The income ranges are updated on October 1st every year. Click here to see the most current guidance (we can either add a PDF or use a table and update it every October. Click here for the Income Limit

  11. Once approved, how long can I receive assistance?

    Your eligibility is approved for 12 months.

  12. What are the reasons my services could end before the 12 months is over?
    • Failure to pay your assigned parent share of the cost to your provider
    • Your child being absent (not recording attendance as required is defined as an absence) for 40 more or more days within the 12-month eligibility
    • If placed in care for job search, your services will end if you do not meet the activity requirements within the three-month timeframe
    • Suspected fraud
  13. If my information changes within 12 months, do I need to report it?
    Yes! You are required to report within 14 calendar days of the occurrence, only the following:
    • Changes in family income or family size that would cause the family to exceed the income threshold
    • Changes in work or attendance at a job training or an educational program that are permanent
    • Any change in family residence, primary phone number or e-mail address (if applicable)
    • Suspected fraud
    NOTE: Failure to report such changes may result in fact-finding for suspected fraud
  14. How much does it cost and who do I pay?

    The cost of care is based on your household size, the household income, and how many children are receiving services. You pay the assigned child care program based on their payment policies.

  15. What if I can not pay the cost?
    This is a requirement to receive services. If you have an extenuating circumstance and can provide documented evidence of it, then you may request a temporary reduction to help for a short period of time. A couple of examples may include:
    • Car repairs you had to pay
    • Unexpected medical bills that you paid
  16. If I receive services because I attend education, what are the requirements and time limits?

    A statewide policy for parents enrolled in an educational program, who is attending the educational program full time and receiving child care assistance while the parent is in the education program, for a cumulative total of 60 months. The limit applies only to parents enrolled full-time in a postsecondary undergraduate education program.
    The goal of receiving assistance is employment, therefore you must be making progress in your coursework.

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